Paintless dent removal - An economical & 100% ecological procedure to repair dents on cars, motorcycles and trucks without the need of sanding or paint.

PDR paintless dent repair technician repairing dent on door of white Mercedes convertible.

Paintless dent removal:


    Paintless dent removal is a precise technique developed to remove minor dents and dings caused by hail, an unattended shopping kart, or someone opening their car door and hitting yours in the process (Door-Ding) ​in parking lots. Basically, this PDR technique can remove most dents and dings from the size of a dime to the size of a basketball as long as the original paint is intact and the metal is not too severely stretched.


    With the use of precision tools and lighting specifically developed for this technique, the specialist applies many small repetitive pressures behind the dent to push it back to its original shape without damaging the paint.


   In certain cases, access to a dent can be more difficult, for example, if the dent is situated on the roof or the trunk, it is necessary to remove the roof-liner or interior trims to access the area to repair.


   Since this process does not require any sanding, fillers, paint or chemicals, it is considered to be the most economical and ecological choice.


    A free estimate is available to see if this technique can apply to your vehicle.


Lease return package:

Customer handing car keys to PDR paintless dent repair tech. to fix dents on lease return car.

Do you have dents on a leased vehicle?

 Avoid expensive lease return fees.

 Daybosselage sans peinture  can repair the dents and door-dings  with P.D.R. (Paintless dent removal) and can "Buff out"  the minor scrapes and scratches before your car  manufacturers final lease return inspection.

You can save a lot of time, money and complications with the Daybosselage sans peinture mobile service by having the work done at your home or office. 

Motorcycle P.D.R. (MPDR)

PDR paintless dent removal tech, fixing dent on Suzuki motorcycle tank on jig bolted to floor.

Dents on motorcycle tanks and fenders :

We are also specialized in motorcycle P.D.R.

We service many customers and motorcycle dealerships including Harley-Davidson.

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Headlamp Restoration

Photos of before and after headlamp restoration.

Are your headlamps dull or yellowed?


 Most of today's vehicules are equipped with plastic headlamp lenses.

Over time, these lenses become cloudy, yellow and hazy due to sunlight and pollution chemicals, greatly reducing illumination and safety at night.

    There is no need to replace expensive headlights when you can call Daybosselage sans peinture ​to restore your headlamps back to their new original looking condition, thus increasing your visibility, safety and the general appearance of your vehicle.