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Is PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) covered by insurance companies?

   Yes, Insurance companies are even favorable  to the idea of reducing the repair costs on your vehicle by opting for PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) instead of having to pay a costly repaint.

   Besides saving money on repainting materials, they also save money on car rentals because a PDR repair is generally ready the same day.

   Your vehicle also retains its resale value by not repainting.

   P.S. Ask us for a free estimate before making an insurance claim.

      The cost to repair door-dings and other minor dents are often less expensive than your insurance companies deductible.

What size of dents can be repaired?

   We can repair many types of dents including big dents, as long as the paint is not damaged, the metal or aluminium is not too stretched, and the impact point is not too pointy.

How long does it take for a repair?

   It all depends on what type of dent we are dealing with, and where the dent is situated.

   Some dents can take a half hour to fix, while other more complex dents can take three hours or more.

Can a dent reappear after a while?

   No, all dent repairs are permanent.

Only another impact in the same area can cause a new dent to appear.

Are dents fixed with suction-cups?

   No, we use specially designed metal rod tools to access the rear of the dent and slowly push out the dent with many small micro pushes until the dent completely disappears.

   When there is no access from behind the dent, we use another system that includes small tabs & glue to pull out the dent with a puller, then tap down the imperfections with a small "Jewellers" type hammer and non- marring punches,

Who would need PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)?

All automobile, truck or motorcycle owners who have dents to repair.

You can be an individual owner, a car dealership, a body-shop, a car wash or detailer.